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Moral Innovator Perspectives on Race Relations

Focusing on skin color within the USA is insufficient to improve race relations. By looking globally we can gain knowledge from our past to make future improvements with integrity, and re-discover we must follow a universally accepted Golden Rule: Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

The worst human atrocity committed against fellow humans took place 300-500 years ago after European Christians committed genocide in the Americas in the name of Christianity (worse than World War II, World War I, Holocaust, Chinese Cultural Revolution, etc.).  Up to 100 million humans perished which represent 80% of Native Americans and Africans transported to the Americas as slaves. There is scant record of many rich pre-Columbian cultures in the Americas (e.g. 5,000 year old Sacred City of Caral in Supe Valley, Peru), and Africa’s population was flat between the years 1600-1850 while the rest of the world’s population more than doubled. Why is Columbus, who never set foot on USA soil, celebrated in the USA? Why is Andrew Jackson, who spent his life killing Native Americans, celebrated on $20 dollar bills? Why is Lord Jeff Amherst (1717-1797) a namesake for a city in Massachusetts? Amherst approved the intentional distribution of blankets used by smallpox victims to Native Americans and proclaimed his willingness to adopt “any other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race.” His grandnephew Bill (1773-1857) inherited Jeff’s title of Lord in 1797, and went to China in 1816 where he failed to negotiate trade with China which ignited The Opium Wars, then he went on to India and commanded the first Burmese War of 1824 that killed 15,000 British soldiers at a cost of £13 million.

60% of all humans born in the last 200 years have followed Christianity or Islam, much more than the rest of the world largely represented by Indians and Chinese. The key innovation that drove human progress was industrialization which was led by USA/European Christians. The largest transfer of wealth through this industrialization was the forced import of opium into China (against Chinese laws), backed by gunboats, to take an estimated (2014) retail value of $2 trillion per year from China, mostly during the reign of Empress Dowager Cixi who ruled China for 50 years. China fell from the largest economy on earth in the year 1820 with 35% of global GDP to almost declaring bankruptcy in 1902 if not for a 39 year financing to pay Christian countries like Russia and Germany for the suppression of the patriotic Chinese Boxers’ Rebellion. USA also received payment, but returned some to help establish Qinghua University, a top school in China. USA became the global leader with 27-35% of global GDP between the years 1950-2001 on the shoulders of the largest middle class on earth after Henry Ford started to pay premium wages to his workers, but had to share its wealth mostly with Muslims beginning in 1973 when the OPEC cartel steeply increased prices. An estimated (2014) $1 trillion per year cash profit has been paid to OPEC to quench the thirst for energy to sustain industrialization. Both Christians and Muslims have concentrated their wealth in the last 40 years to widen the wealth gap, as the USA/worldwide Christians squeeze the middle class and a super majority of Muslims remain in poverty. Meanwhile, China has lifted more humans out of poverty than the rest of the world by sacrificing their environment.

We do not differentiate Arabs from Jews in the Middle East by skin color. The Chinese, Koreans and other Asians hate the Japanese not because of the color of their skin, but because the Japanese captured and forced over 400,000 women into 400 locations where they were raped by Japanese soldiers multiple times every day until they died. (In Yunnan, China, each Japanese soldier was given two tickets every week to rape innocent females in one of these 400 locations, and these tickets have been shown on documentaries and can still be inspected.)  The Japanese also massacred ~300,000 civilians and raped over 20,000 females in Nanjing, China over a 40 day period where soldiers competed for how many civilians they killed. While forgiveness is a virtue, the Japanese have not atoned for their atrocities. In fact, convicted war criminals in the International Court of Justice are memorialized in a Japanese shrine where top government officials visit every year. This is akin to the USA making August 6th and 9th as Little Boy and Fat Man (codenames for the atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki) Holidays with celebratory parades that killed 129,000 Japanese.  To get a glimpse of The Golden Rule, just look at the Japanese reaction to the gang rape of local girls near the Okinawa US Military Base by US Military Servicemen.  A reason the largest US Military Base in Asia is moving is due to the strong opposition of the local residents against these isolated incidents of raping local girls.  Of course, going back one more step, US Military should never have been stationed in Okinawa in the first place because Japan was supposed to be “expelled from all … territories taken by violence and greed…” based on the November 27th 1943 Cairo Declaration which the Allies dictated in accordance with the Potsdam Declaration which was the term of the Japanese unconditional surrender announced in Japanese radio on August 15th, 1945 and signed on the deck of USS Missouri on September 2nd, 1943.  Okinawa, as we know it today, was unilaterally taken by Japan in 1879 and renamed Okinawa Prefecture from the former Kingdom of Ryukyu.  Japan forced the King of Ryukyu Sho Tai (1843-1901) to move to Tokyo in 1897, even as Ryukyu paid tributes to China for over 450 years, with the last tribute left Ryukyu in the year 1874.  This is the subject of another blog…

How do we not focus on skin color or geography? We still have the American Dream where anyone can maximize their potential within their own lifetime. We think of people like Bill Gates, but he left a legacy of monopolistic practices at Microsoft. We can improve race relations by creating a network that focuses on opportunities with positive legacies while following the Golden Rule.  Use the Golden Rule as the foundation of our great society.  We clearly forgot the Golden Rule when policemen used excessive force to kill innocent citizens in Missouri, New York, Ohio and other places.

Introduction, Overview

Why we need to incubate Moral Innovators

44-231 million humans died due to wars and conflicts in the 20th century, while 1 billion (or 15% of all) humans living below the poverty line barely survive and sometimes die for their families. 4 billion or 60% of humans follow guidance from Islam or Christianity. However, Muslims’ interpreted message from the Koran is to send non-Muslims to eternal hell, and Christians’ interpreted message from the Bible is to send non-Christians to eternal hell. To avoid all of us being condemned to eternal hell even though 3 billion or 40% of humans do not follow Islam or Christianity, Martin Luther King Jr. & Mahatma Gandhi appealed to our morality with the Golden Rule: Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

The Golden Rule does not feed us. Our hard work contributes to our nation’s economic output and GDP is a reflection of our standard of living. For more than 1800 years, China had one of the world’s highest standard of living, with 35% of the Global GDP (GGDP) in the year 1820. USA’s share of GGDP between the years 1950 to 2001 was 32% to 35%, even as globalization (e.g. Japan produced cars in USA) made GGDP % less meaningful after China’s open economy started in 1978. This shift between 1820 and 1950 was driven by innovations. Christian-led industrialization included cannons and government-backed monopolies that focused on profit and often ignored moral foundations by, for example, forcing opium import into China to take >70,000 tons of gold and silver. Japan ravaged and looted Asian neighbors during Second World War when convicted war criminals forced prostitution, tested chemical weapons on humans, and massacred up to 300,000 unarmed civilians in a 40-day siege of Nanjing, China.

Innovate with the Golden Rule defines a Moral Innovations framework that requires knowledge through education. In today’s internet world, we have data that take time to convert into knowledge. USA’s Common Core based education system does not address our students’ decline in performance on a global scale. Educators have shown, through decades of international students in graduate schools, that we increase innovations when we study together. While there are already significant numbers of international students in our best graduate schools, we have seen more international undergraduates in the last 10 years, and starting to see high growth of international secondary school students in the USA.

USA’s share of GGDP has declined 12% points from 32% to 20% in the last 13 years and China has a strong economy again. The American Dream is alive and well, and USA still attracts plenty of students who aspire to become part of this Dream. Over time, international students can globalize this Dream.

Our appeal to morality in corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship initiatives have yet to reach (Malcolm Gladwell’s) tipping point. We have innovators turned philanthropists like Bill Gates who left a legacy of monopolistic business practices at Microsoft. We also have an increasing wealth gap partly due to the focus on short term profit from innovations that encourage moral short-cuts such as illicit drugs and the OPEC oligopolistic cartel. When motivated students and future role models stop the focus on maximizing short term profit, billions more of us can have hope and constructive dreams.

This is a call to donors, investors, contributors and followers who want to build a community of Moral Innovators that incubates and mentors future change leaders. Moral Innovation (MI) Club is the proposed incubator that follows the Golden Rule and helps motivated international students learn with disadvantaged students, supported by a community of mentors. MI Club is a long term, sustainable approach that gives us hope and increases our chances to realize our dreams. A community of Moral Innovators can change the world.