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Moral Innovator perspectives on Rosh Hashanah

At sunset on 13September2015, Jewish New Year festivities start.

As we celebrate this new year, moral innovators know that:
1. This year is the year 5776 in the Jewish calendar.
2. The Jewish calendar starts with Adam (and Eve) in the Garden of Eden.

The Christians, represented by Archbishop James Ussher (1581-1656), also calculated with a group of scholars that Adam was created at 9am, October 23, 4004bce and lived until 3074bce (Note: Adam lived 930 years, according to the Bible). Muslims also recognize Adam as the first human created by Allah.

Christians, Muslims and Jews agree that humanity, as defined by the birth of Adam as the first human, is about 6,000 years old.
The only trouble is, there were millions of humans living on earth already at that time. In fact, Lower Egypt was ruled by an Ethiopian (aka Abyssinian) leader, Menes, 5,100 years ago, right around the time of death of Adam, if you connect these time lines.

According to Chancellor Williams, author of the book “Destruction of the Black Civilization,” Africa was a unified nation that we recognize only as “Egypt” in the dawn of civilization 5,000 years ago along with Sumer, India and China. Therefore, Egypt that we recognize today as one of the four ancient civilizations is an offspring of the African black civilization before the creolization of languages with the Asians and Caucasians. The inter-racial breeding created a mulatto effect that became “negro” where we can often recognize Asian and/or Caucasian features in Africans. The sphinx in Giza may have the original African features that have been destroyed as part of the destruction of the black civilization.

Jewish people recognize Abraham as the first Jew, and Abraham was born about 4,000 years ago in Ur (current day Iraq), and lived for about 175 years. During the lifetime of Abraham, the Ethiopian (or Abyssinian) empire (that we recognize today as Egypt) was beginning the 11th dynasty when Hyksos, aka Hebrews, invaded and continued the destruction of the black civilization. The timing may have been coincidental, and under no circumstances does this blog imply the Abrahamic religions want the destruction of the black civilization. You, the reader, need to seek more knowledge to decide for yourselves.

Remember the Moral Innovator motto: Thrive with knowledge of your place in the world. Do the right things and make it better.

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Moral Innovators views on World Order

Moral Innovators balance continuous improvement with integrity. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi have been the best known moral innovators. In the business world, among the better known Moral Innovators is Henry Ford who, as he built the Model T cars, helped create the world’s largest middle class that drove consumer spending that contributed to USA’s world leading 32-35% of Global GDP between the years 1950-2001. China’s open market economy that started in 1978 gave business executives an alternative that squeezed our middle class, exasperating the wealth gap today.

The largest contributor to the wealth gap, on a global basis, is the OPEC oligopoly/cartel. With roughly 25-33% of 30-40 million barrels/day production for about 40 years at average profit margin on each barrel of between $50-$100/barrel, the total pure profit transferred to mostly the top 1% of Muslims who control the oil and gas is roughly the same as our total national debt of $12.6 trillion in 2014!

This peacetime transfer of wealth is by far the largest reason the wealth gap has increased on a global basis. The media has focused on large investments made to sustain oil production, including fracking. The world’s largest philanthropist, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is also the largest shareholder of ExxonMobil, an oil/gas giant. Every time we pump gas in a gas station, or turn on our HVAC system, we contribute to the consumption which helps OPEC sustain their pricing and financing various activities under the name of Islam. The media does not cover this partly because all the major oil and gas companies earn significant profit in refining and distributing the oil and gas products to our gas and power stations.

If oil and gas are truly competitively priced as a consumer commodity, we reduce our national debt, and weaken the financial resources available to sustain the high growth of Islam which has the worst wealth gap among their communities of 1.6 billion believers/followers (which in turn, encourage more extremist activities like Al Qaeda, ISIL, …) We are decades behind in a strategic energy policy to mitigate the influence of OPEC cartel, partly because companies like ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell have self-interests to preserve the status quo, and partly because each President has a maximum of 10 years, or two full terms (which may not deliver results for strategic energy policy initiatives).

Dr. Henry Kissinger’s most recent book, “World Order,” tries to use Westphalia Peace Treaty of 1648 as a reference framework for world order. He did not mention once the OPEC cartel as the root cause of “World Disorder.” Maintaining equilibrium between power and legitimacy under the Westphalia approach ignores the fundamental problems with the world today.

Let’s confront the issues until they are resolved, not avoiding the issues with a framework based on about 200 European Christians seeking to preserve status quo. The status quo can not be sustained, and we will need Moral Innovators.

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Moral Innovator Perspectives on the Media

Aljazeer America’s three journalists sentenced to 7-10 year in Egyptian prison sparked debate on Media freedom. Professor Paul Starr’s 2004 award winning book on “The Creation of the Media” illustrates how USA and European morality/ethics lagged innovations in the Moral Innovation framework related to the media primarily in the USA and Europe between 16th century and the year 1945. Professor Michele Hilmes’ 2007 book “Only Connect” covers the cultural history of US broadcasting to the 21st century. Together, they described 4 waves of innovations: 1) USA revolution and revolt against UK taxes; 2) privatize telegraph; 3) mass (i.e. high volume low price) media from newspapers to telegraph/telephone and movies that spawned the advertising industry; and 4) public investment in science, technology and higher education, giving the internet today. While Professor Starr mentioned Francis Bacon’s “Knowledge is Power” and the unequal treatment of African Americans in education, for example, his focus on morality concentrated on anti-obscenity, contraception and abortion by Anthony Comstock’s group and the YMCA/WCTU movement that began in the second half of the 19th century. There was no mention of the Treaties of Tordesillas nor Zaragoza which gave the world to Portugal and Spain that led to the annihilation of the indigenous cultures in the Americas and transported over 10 million African males to the Americas as slaves. It would have been interesting to know how the media covered the 20% royalty payment to the Spanish king, including the world’s largest ransom paid for the release of the Incas King Atahuallpa, was used to finance an armada that was defeated by Britain in 1588, exposing the wealth available in the New World, and the first French and British settlements in North America between 1604 and 1607. We do not know how much the development of the news media was driven by investors of British East India Company or Dutch East India Company who, along with USA, Japan, Russia and other western powers, ignored local laws in order to accumulate wealth through the production and delivery of opium into China, ironically at roughly the same time USA and UK espoused Victorian morality at home. Within the USA, how did the media cover the Burlingame Treaty of 1868 that liberated Chinese immigration, only to be revoked by The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 that was extended by the Geary Act of 1892 until they were repealed in the Magnuson Act of 1943? These activities violated the Golden Rule: “Do unto others what you want the others to do unto you.” Another violation of the Golden Rule, namely the internment of fellow American citizens of Japanese descent during World War II, was redressed both with an apology and monetary compensation in 1988.

Egypt, like all other situations, is unique. For over 600 years until the 1800s, Mamluks were lifetime Egyptian soldiers who were mostly Turkish at birth, but kidnapped as babies to serve in Egypt. Even though Mamluks were believed to have been annihilated, the loyal Egyptian soldiers still maintain power today, including the newly elected President. We do not know how Aljazeera journalists communicated with the Muslim Brotherhood to deliver what message, but we do know with a 50 year lag that President Eisenhower’s Project Ajax connected US CIA with Britain to overthrow Iran’s elected government officials in the 1950s and installed the Shah of Iran who was overthrown in 1980, leading to a fundamentalist Iran which is the only Muslim country with a Shiite majority today. We must try hard to follow the Golden Rule “Do undo others what you want others to do unto you” in order to sustain a harmonious world. Hopefully the truth will give us more knowledge to help set these journalists free.

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Evolution of Abrahamic religions Scripture

We know that Abrahamic religions basically mean Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Christianity has Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant major branches plus hybrids like Church of the East (that started as Nestorians), and Islam has Sunni and Shiite major branches. How do we find the moral foundation(s) of these religions? We start with the written scripture for their followers.
Abrahamic religions began with Judaism. Many Jews believe the first Jew was Abraham, a person born in the city of Ur in current day Iraq about 4,000 years ago, 1,000 years before the Hebrew language became a language. We donot know how the Jews created its calendar (the first day was the birthday of Adam or the first human created by God in the Abrahamic religions – this year (2014) is the year 5774 in the Jewish calendar). We also do not know when exactly Judaism started to teach its faith (be very careful reading the words and spellings in Judaism because they can be confusing with multiple meanings). Judaism, like other religions started as an oral (i.e. not a written) teaching, and the Hebrew word for teaching is torah. In other words, we donot know when oral torah began, other than it cannot be older than 4,000 years if Abraham was declared the first Jew, making all Abrahamic religions younger than India’s Hindu religion, for example. This assumes the first language of Judaism was not Hebrew.
2,400 years ago, there was apparently a “great synagogue” meeting to discuss what should be included in the scripture, presumably in Hebrew. The reference that this meeting took place appeared in the Mishnah component of Talmud which was first published 1,800 years ago. This could be the first written draft of the Jewish scripture.
Around the time the Second Temple was destroyed at 70ce, there was concern that Jewish culture may not survive. This fear facilitated a more rigorous effort to write down the Jewish tradition.
1,800 years ago, the first attempt to write the Jewish scripture was redacted by Rabbi Judah haNasi that became the Mishnah, written in Tannaitic Hebrew. This was the accepted core text component of the Talmud which should not change.
1,500 years ago, Talmud’s core text (i.e. Mishnah) added commentaries and notes that are called Gemara. There were two versions of the Gemara – one by Israeli scholars 350-400ce, and one by Babylonian scholars ~500ce. Unless specified otherwise, the Babylonian version of the Gemara is the accepted version of Gemara. These are the commentaries and notes in both Hebrew and Aramaic languages that form the second part of the Talmud. Some core text (i.e. Mishnah) is not supported by commentaries and notes (i.e. Gemara). In other words, Mishnah plus Gemara are the two components to the Talmud. However, the term Talmud could mean Gemara alone, or the Mishnah and Gemara as printed together. The oldest full (Israeli or Jerusalem) Talmud manuscript we know I’d dated 1289ce, known as the Leiden Talmud. The oldest full (Babylonian) Talmud manuscript we know is dated 1342ce, known as Munich Talmud (Cod.hebr. 95). The entire Talmud consists of 63 tractates in 6 orders. In standard print it is over 6,200 pages long.
1,000-1,200 years ago, a group of Jewish scholars led by Aaron ben Moses ben Asher (?-960ce) and Moshe ben Naphtali (890-940ce) created and published the 24 book Masoretic Text Hebrew Bible.
Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic Christians all reference primarily the Masoretic Text Hebrew Bible with the acronym Tanakh (5 books of Moses or Pentateuch or Chumash or Torah (Ta in the acronym), 8 books of Prophets or Neviim (na in the acronym), plus 11 books of Writing or Ketuvim (kh in the acronym)). The first seven books (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua and Judges) are in the same order for Tanakh, Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic Christian Old Testaments. The other 17 books of Tanakh are all in the Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic Old Testaments except in different order and sometimes split into two (e.g. Samual and Kings were split into 1Samual 2Samual, and 1Kings 2Kings, etc.). Catholics also used seven books (from Septuagint) which came from the Greek and not Hebrew origin. When Protestants reformed Christianity, they removed the 7 Books of Greek origin from Septuagint that the Catholics used in the Old Testament. Therefore there are 39 Old Testament books in the Protestant Bible.
800 years ago, Mosheh ben Maimon, aka Moses Maimonides (1135-1203 ce) created Halakha or Jewish Law when he lived in Egypt. This version is called Mishneh Torah (not to be confused with Mishnah, Torah, Talmud, Gemara, etc). Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic Christians do not use this Halakha, even though Maimonides was known to have influenced Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274). For example, Aquinas specifically referred to Maimonides in the book “Commentary on the Sentences.” Aquinas had an important role to incorporate Aristotle’s philosophies and ethics into Christianity.
In summary:
1) Judaism has the Talmud (Mishnah and Gemara), Masoretic Text Tanakh, and the Mishneh Torah (aka Halakha) written between 2,400 – 800 years ago.
2) Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Christians rely mostly on the 1,000 year old Masoretic Text Hebrew Bible for the Old Testament. The New Testament is a separate story of Greek and Latin versions. For example, the King James English Bible was based on a 12th century incomplete Greek version of the New Testament that includes at least one page of Latin translated back into Greek before the Greek was translated into English.
3) Muslims use a completely separate source for their scripture Koran (or Quran) which traces back to 610ce when Archangel Gabriel facilitated a dialogue between Allah (God) and Mohammad (570-632ce) in a dark cave. The first caliph Abu Bakr (573-634ce) directed Zayd ibn Thabit (610-660ce) who was Mohammad’s personal scribe to collect the verses and produced the first hand-written manuscript of the Quran. Under the third caliph Uthman ibn Affan (577-656ce), Abu Bakr prepared a standard copy of the Quran, both in scripta defective Arabic in simple lines and strokes, completely different than today’s Arabic script. The Arabic script as we know it today, the scripta plena, was not perfected until the middle of the 9th century. Another original version of the Quran was written based on chronological order by Ali ibn Abi Talib (~601-661ce) who was the cousin and son-in-law of Mohammad. The order of the Ali Quran differed from the Abu Quran, but Uthman’s standardized version written by Abu Bakr was accepted without objections. It is believed that Jesus is an accepted prophet in the Quran, but not a God.
It would be interesting to explore the original source of the Quran, especially in the context of how Jesus was recognized as a prophet, not son of God. It seems the two ways Mohammad would know Jesus as a prophet would have to be 1) told by Allah or 2) told directly or indirectly by Jesus followers.

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Evolution of Judaism, the root of Abrahamic Religions

The Jewish calendar started on the birthday of Adam, and this year (2014) is the year 5774 in the Jewish calendar, which is very similar to the date estimated by the Irish Bishop Ussher who estimated Adam was born in 4004bce (or 6,000 years ago). Since there were millions of humans on earth already 6,000 years ago, I was told that the time in the Bible is “God’s time” which is different than human time. I correlated God’s time in the Bible’s Genesis to human time with the Big Bang Theory, showing Days 1-3 were equivalent to about 10 billion years, Days 3-5 took about 3.3 billion years, and days 5-6 took 500 million years.

I have read that most of what we call the “original” Hebrew Bible is related to one relatively complete version copied about the year 1000ce or 1000 years ago.

Between 1,000 to 2,000 years ago, Mishnah was the first major written redaction of the Jewish oral traditions (Oral Torah or Shas – six orders), in reference to its six main divisions. Aramaic commentaries were redacted as the Gemara, which, coupled with the mostly Hebrew Mishnah, comprise the Talmud. In other words, the Jews were updating Judaism with an interpreted Talmud in this millennium.

Between 500 and 1,000 years ago, the 14 books of Mishnah Torah became the code of Jewish religious law (Halakha) authored by Maimonides when he was living in Egypt. Maimonides wanted the Written Torah and the Mishnah Torah to be the complete code, with no need for any other book. In other words, Judaism has continually improved among the Abrahamic religions.

Within the last 500 years, Hasidic Judaism (or “loving kindness”) is Orthodox Judaism that promotes spirituality through the popularisation and internalisation of Jewish mysticism as the fundamental aspect of the faith. It is a collection of 30 larger and several hundred smaller groups with some commonality. It is believed that Hasidic Jews preserved Jewish traditions from being extinguished.