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Moral Innovator perspectives on Rosh Hashanah

At sunset on 13September2015, Jewish New Year festivities start.

As we celebrate this new year, moral innovators know that:
1. This year is the year 5776 in the Jewish calendar.
2. The Jewish calendar starts with Adam (and Eve) in the Garden of Eden.

The Christians, represented by Archbishop James Ussher (1581-1656), also calculated with a group of scholars that Adam was created at 9am, October 23, 4004bce and lived until 3074bce (Note: Adam lived 930 years, according to the Bible). Muslims also recognize Adam as the first human created by Allah.

Christians, Muslims and Jews agree that humanity, as defined by the birth of Adam as the first human, is about 6,000 years old.
The only trouble is, there were millions of humans living on earth already at that time. In fact, Lower Egypt was ruled by an Ethiopian (aka Abyssinian) leader, Menes, 5,100 years ago, right around the time of death of Adam, if you connect these time lines.

According to Chancellor Williams, author of the book “Destruction of the Black Civilization,” Africa was a unified nation that we recognize only as “Egypt” in the dawn of civilization 5,000 years ago along with Sumer, India and China. Therefore, Egypt that we recognize today as one of the four ancient civilizations is an offspring of the African black civilization before the creolization of languages with the Asians and Caucasians. The inter-racial breeding created a mulatto effect that became “negro” where we can often recognize Asian and/or Caucasian features in Africans. The sphinx in Giza may have the original African features that have been destroyed as part of the destruction of the black civilization.

Jewish people recognize Abraham as the first Jew, and Abraham was born about 4,000 years ago in Ur (current day Iraq), and lived for about 175 years. During the lifetime of Abraham, the Ethiopian (or Abyssinian) empire (that we recognize today as Egypt) was beginning the 11th dynasty when Hyksos, aka Hebrews, invaded and continued the destruction of the black civilization. The timing may have been coincidental, and under no circumstances does this blog imply the Abrahamic religions want the destruction of the black civilization. You, the reader, need to seek more knowledge to decide for yourselves.

Remember the Moral Innovator motto: Thrive with knowledge of your place in the world. Do the right things and make it better.