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Moral Innovators views on World Order

Moral Innovators balance continuous improvement with integrity. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi have been the best known moral innovators. In the business world, among the better known Moral Innovators is Henry Ford who, as he built the Model T cars, helped create the world’s largest middle class that drove consumer spending that contributed to USA’s world leading 32-35% of Global GDP between the years 1950-2001. China’s open market economy that started in 1978 gave business executives an alternative that squeezed our middle class, exasperating the wealth gap today.

The largest contributor to the wealth gap, on a global basis, is the OPEC oligopoly/cartel. With roughly 25-33% of 30-40 million barrels/day production for about 40 years at average profit margin on each barrel of between $50-$100/barrel, the total pure profit transferred to mostly the top 1% of Muslims who control the oil and gas is roughly the same as our total national debt of $12.6 trillion in 2014!

This peacetime transfer of wealth is by far the largest reason the wealth gap has increased on a global basis. The media has focused on large investments made to sustain oil production, including fracking. The world’s largest philanthropist, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is also the largest shareholder of ExxonMobil, an oil/gas giant. Every time we pump gas in a gas station, or turn on our HVAC system, we contribute to the consumption which helps OPEC sustain their pricing and financing various activities under the name of Islam. The media does not cover this partly because all the major oil and gas companies earn significant profit in refining and distributing the oil and gas products to our gas and power stations.

If oil and gas are truly competitively priced as a consumer commodity, we reduce our national debt, and weaken the financial resources available to sustain the high growth of Islam which has the worst wealth gap among their communities of 1.6 billion believers/followers (which in turn, encourage more extremist activities like Al Qaeda, ISIL, …) We are decades behind in a strategic energy policy to mitigate the influence of OPEC cartel, partly because companies like ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell have self-interests to preserve the status quo, and partly because each President has a maximum of 10 years, or two full terms (which may not deliver results for strategic energy policy initiatives).

Dr. Henry Kissinger’s most recent book, “World Order,” tries to use Westphalia Peace Treaty of 1648 as a reference framework for world order. He did not mention once the OPEC cartel as the root cause of “World Disorder.” Maintaining equilibrium between power and legitimacy under the Westphalia approach ignores the fundamental problems with the world today.

Let’s confront the issues until they are resolved, not avoiding the issues with a framework based on about 200 European Christians seeking to preserve status quo. The status quo can not be sustained, and we will need Moral Innovators.